3 Treatment Locations Available

Scheduling, Pricing, Insurance

How Do I Schedule and Appointment with the Midwest Hormone Centers? 

  • Our Central Scheduling Number is 816-525-2535 or submit your contact information and symptoms through the website and we will reach out to speak with you.

New Patient Process – What Are the Cost and What is Included with Those Fees?

  • We have a one-time new patient fee of $350 dollars after that there are no contracts or annual renewal fees it includes:
  • Your fist visit includes and a review of your medical history, medications, and a light patient exam.
  • The provider will then spend most of the visit learning about you and your symptoms attempting to understand their severity and impact on your life.
  • If it is determined that you’re a candidate for treatment we will draw your blood here in our office. We will test for the hormones above but will also perform a full thyroid panel. If an issue is discovered with your thyroid we are specialists in optimizing its function as well.
  • We will then perform an extensive body composition test detailing the breakdown of muscle mass, body fat, and water in your body. That will end visit one.
  • During your second visit the provider will review your lab work in detail and provide you an individualized treatment plan to fit your specific conditions.
Note: Both visits, lab work, body comp, and treatment plan are part of the $350 new patient fee.
Note: After the initial new patient fee we do not require any contracts or annual renewal fees. You are considered a "Patient for Life" at all of our centers.

Is Financing Available for Hormone Replacement Therapy and Stem Cell / PRP Treatments? 

  • Yes our facilities are approved for the use of the Advance Care Card? There direct contact number is Phone: 1-800-432-9470.
  • How do I apply? – To receive the fastest turn around time on your application, you may apply on-line. The entire process is usually completed in 5-10 minutes.
  • What are the minimum requirements? – You must be at least 18 years of age, must not have filed for bankruptcy in the last 5 years and not have been sent anything NEW to collections in the previous 3 years. Your monthly income must be at least $1,500. These are the minimum requirements for approval with Advance Care. If you do not meet these minimal requirements you may wish to consider utilizing a co-signer.
  • What is the maximum amount I can be approved for? – You can be approved for up to $25,000 or more with excellent credit.
  • What will my interest rate be after the initial interest free period? – Your interest rate and terms are based on your own individual credit history as well as your current financial situation. The better your credit, the better interest rate and terms you are likely to receive.
  • Are there any pre-payment penalties? – No. As long as you make your minimum monthly payments as required, you can pay your balance off at your own pace. You may pay the balance as quickly as you like or take as long as necessary.
  • Can I use my card for other people in my family or just myself? – Once you are approved you may choose to use your card for other members of your family.

What Are the Prices for HRT & TRT, and Other Services You Provide? What are the Average Treatment Intervals?

  • Women: Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy – $60 per injection treatment, B12 injections are included in this pricing. Injection treatments typically last an average of 10-14 days. Pellet insertions treatments typically last an average of 3-4 months and cost $485 per insertion.
  • Men: Bio-identical Testosterone Replacement Therapy – $60 per injection treatment, B12 injections are included in this pricing. Injection treatments typically last an average of 7-10 days. Pellet insertions treatments typically last an average of 3-4 months and cost $700 per insertion.
  • HCG Assisted Fat Loss – 30 day sessions $400 for existing hormone patients. Each 30 day session includes: (HCG Kit, (Needles, Hormone, Swabs), 4 Consults with Coach, Meal Plan, Tracking Binder,4 Body Composition Readings, daily text communications as needed with coach.
  • Growth Hormone Replacement “HGH Peptide Therapy” – 30 day supply (2 daily SubQ injections) Sermorelin, GHRP 2, GHRP 6 – $325
  • B12 injections with Methylocabalamin “most biological form” of B12 Injection – $25
  • Lipotropic Metabolic Enhancer Injections – for Fat Los $25
  • Gluthathione Injections (Antioxidant) – $40 per injections
  • Body Protection Compound Peptide (BPC) 157 Healing Peptide “Wolverine” – 30 day supply $ Call for Pricing
  • Stem Cell Therapy – Call for Pricing
  • PRP Therapy – $950 per joint
  • PRP Male Sexual Enhancement – $950 treatment last 12-18 months
  • PRP Female Sexual Enhancement – $950 treatment last 12-18 months
  • Natual Joint Injection for Pain – $60 per injection
  • Therapeutic Phlebotomy – $60 treatment
  • New Patient Start Up Fees – $350
  • Lab Redraws-  $100
  • Discounted Lab Services – $40 per test or $100 for 3. “Some Restrictions Apply”

Does Midwest Hormone Centers Accept Insurance/HSA/FSA?

  • We accept HSA Health Savings Accounts / Flex Spending Account FSA cards, cash, check, and credit cards.
  • Our office does not do insurance billing.
  • With our types of treatments insurance reimbursement is very inconsistent from carriers, often considering what we do as “wellness, or experimental.” Most facilities that utilize bio-identical hormones follow a similar model.
  • If you have insurance that covers any parts of treatments or medications we can provide you a coded receipt that states your Diagnosis and Treatment Codes. Those receipts can be mailed into the carrier with the address typically found on the back of the card.
  • We are an Out-of-Network provider treatment typically reimburses for eligible charges at the rate of 60% of the fees. Reimbursement for claims will be mailed directly to patients by insurance carriers.